Mentorship Programme-Paul Jacobs 2019/20

By 3rd August 2018
Course Start Date: 2020-12-06
Course End Date: 2020-12-11
Course Days: 5
Tutor: Paul Jacobs
Course Cost: £Please see cause details

Mentorship Programme
The Barbanell Centre, Stafford 2019/20

This is a two-year Mentorship programme held at The Barbanell Conference Centre, 64b Co-operative Street, Stafford. ST16 3DA (The Centre)

The Centre undertakes to provide three five-day teaching sessions in both years making a total of 30 Days tuition in total.

The range and form of the tuition will be delivered at the discretion of the tutor.

Any course notes or materials provided to the student will be included in the course fee.

The Student will pay a total cost of: £1,900.00

This payment can either be made in full on application or by using the student payment plan which is detailed at Appendix One.

To secure a place a 15% non-refundable deposit must be paid and confirmed by the Centre in writing.

Dates of all tuition sessions are included in Appendix Two and will only be changed by the provision of 30 days’ notice by the Centre.

Appendix One Student Payment Plan

Student payments
15% Non-refundable deposit £285.00
Year One
3 payments of £305.00
Each payment to be made no
Later than 30 days before the
Booked course dates.
Year Two
2 payments of £235.00
Each payment to be made no
Later than 30 days before the
Booked course dates.
Final payment £230.00

Total Payment £1,900.00

Payments must be made in UK pounds sterling, payments accepted in other currencies subject to all transaction charges and exchange rates must be covered by the student. Payment by Credit or Debit card direct to the Centre is acceptable.

Appendix Two Student Course Dates
Session 1        31 March to 5 April
Session 2        18 August to 23 August
Session 3        8 December to 13 December

Session 4        29 March to 3 April
Session 5        16 August to 21 August
Session 6        6 December to 11 December