Exploring Mediumship Through The Lens of Parapsychology

By 13th September 2018
Course Start Date: 2019-09-14
Course End Date: 2019-09-15
Course Days: 2
Tutor: Chris Connelly
Course Cost: £100.00


This is an experimental 2-day mediumship weekend where we combine the usual mediumship development practises and techniques with current scientific research from the growing field of parapsychology to further progress and understand our own mediumistic ability.

Research conducted around the world by academics from all disciplines can provide us with a wealth of knowledge and opportunity to include their findings into our daily mediumistic practises to further our unfoldment.
For example: Did you know recent research has proposed a telepathic wave of a particular frequency and size: Let’s find out to see if it’s true.

Did you know that research into mindfulness practises seems to excite the right cerebral hemisphere – coincidently the right hemisphere is also associated with mediumistic entrancement? Is there a connection?

During the 2 days we will cover: Private sittings, platform demonstrations and entrancement and gently ease you into the fascinating world of parapsychology.

You may be surprised to find how normal being a medium really is!